Tips for Better Sex – Calendar

One of the best ways to preserve intimacy in a long term relationship is to make sure it’s on the calendar. This makes it a priority for both of you and helps you carve out the necessary time to connect. In this video, learn more about why putting an intimacy date on the calendar is important and how to make it sexy and fun.

Tips for Better Sex – Breathe

Breath is the fuel that you need in order to feel more sensation in your body and strengthen your erotic connection with yourself and your partner. Find out why deep breathing during sex will help you feel more aroused and more relaxed, which will greatly enhance your sexual connection and orgasms.

Tips for Better Sex – Slow Down

The biggest mistake most couples make is to rush into sex when both partners, particualry a female partner is not ready physically and emotionally. In this video you will learn how slowing down will greatly enhance your erotic connection by creating more tension.