Passionate Intimacy Retreats

Weekend of Bliss—Hot Springs, NC

September 14-17

If you’re a couple longing to rekindle the passion that brought your together, then join us for a Weekend Intimacy Retreat that will ignite your desires, deepen your emotional connection, and give you skills and tools to create a dynamic long term intimate relationship.

Nestled close to your beloved in the blue ridge mountains of North Carolina, you awaken to the beginning wisps of fall in the mountains, where the leaves are just beginning to transform from verdant green to a whisper of reds and oranges.

You sit across from your partner, bathed in the soft glow of moonlight, feeling the world fade away as you created your own special bubble, one in which the world outside ceases to exist. In this sacred space you speak freely of your love and desires and feel a level of emotional connection that you have both been longing for.

Whether you’ve been together five years or twenty-five years, the truth is that long term relationships can easily lose their spark. The fiery passion and excitement are replaced by monotonous routines. Resentments build up over time, leaving you feeling disconnected and frustrated.

Relationships need time to grow and flourish which doesn’t happen in our busy lives.

But wouldn’t it be incredible if you could dedicate a whole three day weekend to your relationship in the majestic mountains of North Carolina?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then you must join us for a Weekend of Bliss!

Are you longing for deeper emotional connection with your partner?

How incredible would it be to feel passion and excitement when your partner walks in the door?

Wouldn’t it be great to “want to want sex” again?

Can you imagine how freeing it would feel if you understood what turns you on and were able to ask for and receive it?