Awaken Your Sensual Self Women's Retreat

Unleash the Power Within

April 26-28, 2024--Hot Springs, NC

If you’re longing to rediscover your sensual self, then join us for a Weekend Women's Retreat that will heal guilt and shame, deepen your connection to your body and desires, and give you skills and tools to create a more satisfying and fulfilling love life.

As your car winds up the peaceful mountain road, you realize that you have stepped into a vibrant, living painting. The rolling hills come alive with bursts of green as trees and plants awaken from their winter slumber. Colorful wildflowers dot the landscape. Streams cascade down the mountainside, their gentle murmurs adding to the tranquility all around you.

The perfect setting for a weekend to reconnect with your body, re-discover your sensual self and open yourself up to new possibilities.

You settle into our first circle, surrounded by a group of kindred women, enveloped in an overwhelming sense of unity and understanding. The air pulsates with a tangible warmth and vulnerability, as we pour our hearts out, sharing deeply personal tales of our evolving bodies, shifting relationships, and intimate experiences. In this sacred space, a profound realization washes over you - you are truly not alone on your evolving journey.

Let's be honest, aging can make you feel increasingly out of touch with your own body. It's not uncommon to feel frustrated as your sexual desires evolve or diminish. You might start to think you're broken or fear that your sense of vitality and zest for life is gone for good.

Listen up Girlfriend! It's time to stop the negative self talk, prioritize your own changing needs and desires and rid yourself of shame and guilt!

There's a whole world of sensuality and intimacy waiting for you. This retreat is your doorway to becoming an empowered, vibrant, sensual woman!

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, then you owe it to yourself to join us for our Awaken Your Sensual Self Weekend Retreat!

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you woke up tomorrow and no longer felt broken?

Are you longing to feel alive, sexy and confident in your body?

Wouldn’t it be mind-blowing to “want to want sex” again?

How amazing would it be if you could rid yourself of shame and guilt around sex and truly embrace your desires?

What would it be like if you understood what turns you on and had the confidence to request what gives you pleasure?

Wouldn’t it be incredibly reassuring and empowering to know that you’re not alone in facing relationship and intimacy challenges?

Our specially designed women’s weekend retreat was created  with you in mind.

  • Surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of the mountains, you will spend the weekend deepening your connection to your body and desires so that you can create a more empowered and authentic intimate life.
  • Carefully crafted exercises and expert guidance will help transform guilt and shame around sex into loving acceptance of your history and wounds so that you can create a healthier relationship with your sexuality.
  • Through embodiment practices, sensual movement and group exercises you will get to meet your inner vixen so you can leave feeling authentically empowered and passionately alive. 


  • You will discover your own  sexual style and core desires so that you can confidently ask for and receive the pleasure you want and deserve.


  • On this retreat, through our empowerment circles and supportive and nurturing environment, you will learn practical strategies to prioritize your needs so that you can hit the reset button  and feel more in love with yourself and your life.

Welcome to Bliss House

Welcome to your secluded mountain sanctuary, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with access and views of the National Forest for as far as your eyes can see. Hidden away deep in the Blue Ridge, The Bliss House overlooks a sea of forested land. Breathe in the fresh forest air, hear the rush of waterfalls, hike nearby trails and see the forest awaken to spring. Take a short drive down the mountain and experience the healing waters of Hot Springs.

We know how important it is on a retreat to nourish all parts of you so rest assured that Chef Madeline will serve you delicious, healthy meals and snacks all day long. 

You start your day with a vegetable frittata or fruit and yogurt for a lighter alternative. At lunch time your feast on a Caesar salad with fresh trout fillets and sweet potato bisque. 

Dinner is the main event where our Chef’s prowess in the kitchen and love of Korean cooking comes to life. The sweet smell of Korean Beef Bulgogi wafts through the air.

As you take your first bite your taste buds awaken to an exquisite sweet and salty combination laced into extraordinarily tender meat, topped with homemade kimchi. 

For dessert, you feast on the sensual taste and texture of chocolate soufflé.

*Please let us know about food allergies and dietary restrictions so we can meet your needs

Let’s Get Blissed Out!

Welcome to the start of your Weekend of Bliss!  As you arrive at Bliss House, you take in the beautiful scenery, get settled, and explore the grounds.

**Schedule Subject to Change


4:00 PM – Arrival and Explore the Grounds

6:00 – Welcome and Group Dinner

7:30-9:30  –

Opening Circle 

Meet Your Higher Self


8:00 AM -Breakfast

9:00-10:00–Movement/Sharing Circle

10:00-12:30 –Body Positivity and Awareness

1:00-3:00   Lunch and Free Time    

3:00—6:00   Intimacy Workshop   

6:00—7:00      Dinner

7:30–9:30. Sensual Awakening

9:30. Fire Circle


8:00 AM          Breakfast

9:00-12:00      Sharing Circle

                         Yoni Talk

                          Closing Circle

12:30—1:30    Lunch

2:00—4:00      Optional Hot Springs Visit


What’s Included:

What’s Not Included:

Room Options and Upgrades:

Our standard rooms are super comfy bunk beds to be shared by up to four women on the ground floor. There are a few upgrades available on a first come basis.  Please see the pictures, descriptions and pricing below and make your selection on the Registration page.

Standard Room

It’s your high school sleep over!  Our standard room with super comfy bunk beds that you will share with up to three other women.

Each room includes a private bath and shower and ground floor access.


The Queen’s Room--- SOLD OUT!!

Private room with Queen size bed on the second floor of Bliss House. Lovely view with a shared full bathroom and sauna.


The Double Room---SOLD OUT!!

Shared room with twin beds on the second floor of Bliss House.  Shared   full bathroom and sauna.


The King Suite--- SOLD OUT!!

Features a beautifully appointed private room with King size bed and private en-suite bathroom, with tub and shower.


Xanet Pailet

Xanet  is a nationally recognized sex and intimacy educator and coach and bestselling author of Living an Orgasmic Life: Heal Yourself and Awaken Your Pleasure.  She is a former NYC health care lawyer who lived in a sexless marriage for over two decades.  After experiencing her own sexual healing and awakening in 2011, she transitioned her career into a full-time sex and intimacy educator and coach and is now based in Asheville, North Carolina.

Xanet believes that pleasure is our birthright and she is passionate about helping individuals find their way back into their bodies, their desires, and their pleasure.  Over the past decade, she has helped rescue hundreds of couples from unsatisfying sex lives and has helped women who are sexually shut down learn how to love themselves, their body, and reclaim their desire.

Xanet is a certified Somatica Sex and Intimacy Coach, Somatic Sexologist, Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner, Tantra Educator and Somatic Experiencing Trauma practitioner. She has been on the faculty of 1440 Multiversity, Ecstatic Living Institute and the Somatica Institute.